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Founder of AL² RADIANT - Kathy Yang

Kathy Yang is a passionate and enthusiastic entrepreneur in the beauty industry. She was crowned Mrs. Singapore in the 2020 Lady’s World International Beauty Pageant. Her journey began when she started off working as a humble Store Manager in 2015. She would then go on to establish her own Korean skin care line in 2018, AL² RADIANT, and since then she has never failed to studiously deepen her knowledge and further hone her skills in skin care and beauty product management.
AL² RADIANT comes from a beautiful Korean song, Alilang, meaning “delight to the blessed loved one”. Only five years after its establishment, AL² RADIANT has been designated as a skin care training center in both Singapore and Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Kathy has personally trained both locals and Malaysians to equip them with the relevant skills and knowledge they need to rank high in the beauty industry.
By utilising the most recent Korean technologies, Kathy hopes to raise the bar for AL² RADIANT in the beauty industry, and to share her knowledge with all esteemed clients and partners.
Achievements attained:

Graduated with master in Business Administration (Singapore Exerceo Business School)

Graduated with Senior Nutritionist Certificate (Beijing Shi Jian Lian School)

Graduated with Skin Care Management Certificate (Korea Mei Guang Training School)

Graduated with Aromatherapy with certification from NAHA(US) and IFA(UK)


Bringing You To A Higher Level Of Standard In The Beauty World

AL² RADIANT stems from a beautiful song originated from Korea – Alilang. Its means “Delightful to blessed the beloved one”.
AL² RADIANT has been in the industry for >5 years now.
If you are a skincare fanatic like us, you would know about the massive range of beauty treatments and products you can find in Korea. We aim to bring that very same goodness to you!
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We aim to bring AL² RADIANT to a higher level of standard in the beauty world together with the use of the latest Korean technologies and to spread our knowledge to all our clients and partners.